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What Is "Black Conservatism"?


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Glenn Loury Substack

with John McWhorter
Glenn Loury
Feb 1, 2024

I’ve called myself a “black conservative” many times. But what does that appellation mean? In this clip from our most recent conversation, John and I discuss whether calling out progressive race-mongering makes one a conservative by definition.



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1 hour ago, Geee said:

The entire premise of Black History Month is offensive, because it presupposes that black Americans are an “other” and relegates them to a place outside the rest of the citizenry; American history is black history, and black history is American history. Dedicating a separate month to celebrate “black history” as if these stories somehow don’t have a place in the mainstream American historical record is manufacturing an unnecessary divide; yet they pretend President Trump is the racist causing disunion.





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