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Penn Lecturer Is Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoons


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Washington Free Beacon

Dwayne Booth in one sketch drew Nazi flag with Star of David shown in place of swastika

Jessica Costescu

February 1, 2024


A lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communication has published several anti-Semitic cartoons since Hamas's Oct. 7 attack, including one that depicts Zionists sipping Gazan blood from wine glasses, a version of the ancient blood libel employed in anti-Semitic propaganda that accused Jews of using the blood of Christian children for baking matzah and other rituals.

Dwayne Booth, who joined Penn's Annenberg School for Communication as an adjunct faculty member in 2015 and teaches two classes at the Ivy League institution, publishes political cartoons under the pen name "Mr. Fish."


Penn's Annenberg School for Communication did not return a request for comment. Booth is teaching a class on political cartoons devoted to exploring "the purpose and significance of image-based communication as an unparalleled propagator of both noble and nefarious ideas," according to Penn's website. "Work presented will be chosen for its unique ability to demonstrate the inflammatory effect of weaponized visual jokes, uncensored commentary, and critical thinking on a society so often perplexed by artistic free expression and radicalized creative candor," the school says. It is not clear whether students study Booth's work in the class.



The school has not said publicly whether it has addressed the anti-Semitic incidents that roiled the campus last year and faces a lawsuit and congressional investigation into its handling of campus anti-Semitism. In one case, a student stormed the Penn Hillel building, yelled "F— the Jews," and destroyed furniture. Another stole an Israeli flag from an apartment near campus before speaking at an anti-Semitic rally in downtown Philadelphia, where the student recounted feeling "so empowered and happy" as Hamas's Oct. 7 attack unfolded.

The Penn website identifies Booth as a "cartoonist and freelance writer whose work can most regularly be seen on ScheerPost.com," a self-described "independent news organization that focuses on progressive politics and human rights issues."



Click on Link to view the drawings.


George Lincoln Rockwell Would Be Proud Of  His Wok.

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