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My State is Crazier Than Your State (My Title)


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Center For The American Experiment



Center of the American Experiment has calculated that this more aggressive CTS could increase gasoline and diesel prices by 39 to 45 cents per gallon by 2030.

This would increase the cost of driving for Minnesota families by an average of $350 to $476 per household in 2030, but families in rural counties would pay far more under these
new regulations than Minnesotans living near the Twin Cities.

Households in Ramsey, Carver, and Hennepin counties would pay the least under a CTS, paying $343, $362, and $375 per household, respectively.

Families in Grant, Jackson, and Wilkin counties would pay the most, paying an additional $962, $1,150, and $1,151 in 2030, respectively as a result of these regulations.


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