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A FIRST LOOK at the trucker convoy headed to the border


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The Blaze

Jan. 31 2024

The southern border has been invaded, and the Take Our Border Back trucker convoy is heading there to peacefully protest the lack of security at the border.

Glenn Beck’s head writer and chief researcher, Jason Buttrill, is joining the truckers in order to get the truth out to Americans.

“He is there as somebody to do reporting on it. The one thing we learned about January 6 is you don’t have cameras there, they can tell all kinds of stories,” Glenn cautions.

The convoy is currently making its way from Louisiana to Texas.


Jan 31, 2024
The Take Our Border Back trucker convoy is heading to the southern border and the Blaze Originals documentary team is embedded to bring exclusive reporting. Glenn's head writer and researcher Jason Buttrill calls into the radio program with the first of these updates. "This is not a Jan. 6 crowd as of now," he tells Glenn as the convoy prepares to head from Louisiana to Texas. "It's more MLK vibes."

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