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How To Ensure a Big, Ugly War with Iran - Victor Davis Hanson


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American Greatness

Iranian-backed militias have attacked American installations and forces in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan some 170 times.

Ostensibly, these terrorist groups claim they are hitting US forces to coerce America into dropping its support of Israel and demanding a cease-fire in the Gaza war.

In reality, these satellite terrorists are being directed in a larger effort by Iran to pry the US. out of the Middle East, in the manner of the 1983 Marine barracks bombing.



That way, Iran will be free to fulfill its old dream of becoming a nuclear shield for a new Shiite/Persian terrorist axis from Tehran to Damascus to Beirut to the West Bank and Gaza—surrounding Israel and intimidating the Gulf regimes and more moderate states like Jordan and Egypt into concessions.


These Iranian appendages have made a number of unfortunately correct assumptions about America in general and the Biden administration in particular.

One, after the recent serial humiliations of the flight from Afghanistan, the passivity of watching a Chinese spy balloon traverse with impunity the continental United States, the mixed American signals on the eve of the Ukraine war, the troubled Pentagon’s recruitment and leadership lapses, and the destruction of the US southern border, both Iran and its surrogates feel that the United States either cannot or will do much of anything in response to their aggression.

They see the U.S. military short thousands of recruits, its leadership politicized, its munition stocks depleted by arms shipments to Ukraine and Israel, and the massive abandonment of weapons in Kabul.:snip:

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Iran warns it will react decisively if attacked and won't 'leave any threat unanswered' as US plans response to American troops deaths

  • IRGC chief Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said the country will respond to any threat.
  • An Iranian diplomat also warned that Iran will "decisively respond" if attacked.
  • The warnings come as the US plans its response to a drone attack that killed American troops.

Iranian military and diplomatic officials have warned the country will respond if attacked as the US readies for retaliatory action after American troop deaths.

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How To Ensure a Big, Ugly War with Iran


Do what we have been doing for the last 4 years...Do Nothing.

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