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A New Day In Support For Law Enforcement?


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

January 30, 2024

Minnesota was famously the scene of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent criminal prosecution of four police officers, most notably Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was convicted of second degree murder and is currently in prison, having survived an attack on his life. In my opinion, Chauvin’s conviction was wrong on both legal and factual grounds. His case was tried in an atmosphere of anti-police hysteria and threats of violence, so that the Hennepin County Government Center, where the trial took place, was surrounded by concrete barriers and barbed wire, and vacated but for the single courtroom where Chauvin’s trial took place.

Controversy over law enforcement continued. My organization erected 35 “Support Our Police” billboards around the Twin Cities. Seven times they were vandalized by leftists who spray-painted “Murder” in place of “Support” and signed their work with the Antifa symbol.


In 2022, Mary Moriarty ran for the office of Hennepin County Attorney on a platform of not prosecuting criminals, and was elected handily.

But perhaps the tide is turning. As I wrote here, Moriarty charged State Trooper Ryan Londregan with second degree murder, after he fatally shot career criminal Ricky Cobb, a felon illegally in possession of a handgun, as Cobb endangered Londregan and another patrolman by fleeing arrest with both troopers partway inside his vehicle.

Yesterday Londregan made his first court appearance. The atmosphere was different from the lynch mob environment that surrounded Derek Chauvin. My colleague David Zimmer reports:



Jan 25, 2024

Public Safety Policy Fellow and former 30-year law enforcement vet David Zimmer sits down with John Hinderaker to discuss the felony murder charges levied against the MN State Trooper who shot Ricky Cobb during a traffic stop last summer.

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