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Trudeau health minister: Gov't-assisted suicide WILL expand to Canadians suffering solely from mental health issues, but not yet


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On Monday, Liberal Health Minister Mark Holland announced that the federal government needed more time before it could expand the medical assistance in dying (MAID) program, or state-sponsored euthanasia, to include those for whom mental illness is the sole underlying condition.


The proposed expansion was set to take effect on March 17, and while Holland did not give an exact timeline, he nonetheless stated that it would happen eventually.

"We agree with the conclusion that the committee has come to that the system is not ready, and more time is required," Holland said, referring to a report tabled in parliament regarding whether Canada's healthcare system was prepared to expand MAID.


He acknowledged that the decision was in line with many provinces, whose healthcare officials and mental health professionals have expressed concern over the speed at which MAID has been expanding, and noted that his office would be tabling a parliamentary response in the coming days.



"Is your intention to still move ahead with MAiD for mental illness, just within a longer timeframe?" a reporter asked.


"That's correct," Holland replied.:snip:


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You DO know the next step right?

Well you know grand pa you're getting pretty old and the medical bills are piling up, and we could use the money for a vacation we've been talking about. So we decided its Time.



Life Unworthy Of Life


And if as the popular culture and our enlightened betters tell us there is nothing but the material....What's to stop this?

But what if (and I'm just asking What IF/b] understand) There is more than just The Material? What If the Universe did not Just Happen? What If we were Created, Designed (if  you will)? Just a question to pass the time until the newest bright shiny thing comes  along, to distract us.


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37 minutes ago, Valin said:

You DO know the next step right?

Yeah. They make you a senator or the President :lmfao:

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