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Omar the Magnificent


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Power Line

Suppose you are a House Democrat who has been in office for 15 or 20 years, dutifully working your way up the ladder as a chair of a subcommittee, raising money for the caucus, etc., and you heart that Ihlan Omar is booked on one of the premier Sunday morning network news shows. Look, even Nancy Pelosi can’t stand Omar and the rest of the squalid “Squad.”

And then you see Omar’s shocking speech from recent days in which she declares:



When you’ve lost the foreign ministry of Somaliland. . .  Here’s to hoping Trump’s deportation list just got one name longer. But failing that, *I want her to remain in the House and appearing as the face of the progressive Democratic Party on the Sunday talk shows, so Democrats have to own her.


I live in the 5th Minnesota Congressional District. She will be in congress as long as she wants. The 5th CD is IMO the most Deep Blue & Progressive Congressional District in the country. D+30

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