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ICJ tells Israel to ‘prevent genocide’ in Gaza, rejects ordering immediate ceasefire


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Times Of Israel

In its decision, Hague court finds there is ‘plausibility’ to South Africa’s claims that the rights of Palestinian not to be subjected to genocide must be urgently protected
Jeremy Sharon

Jan 26 2014

Netherlands, Friday, Jan. 26, 2024. (AP Photo/Patrick Post)

The International Court of Justice ruled on Friday that at least some of Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip during the ongoing war against Hamas could fall within the terms of the Genocide Convention and said it must therefore take a series of preventative measures.

The decision, made 15-2, that there is “plausibility” to South Africa’s claims that Palestinians require protection from genocide, is damaging to Israel.

However, the court did not take the action most desired by South Africa and feared by Israel — that of ordering an immediate, unilateral ceasefire which would have stymied the war effort and indicated that the court believes genocide is actively taking place.


Responding to the ruling, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the court’s decision not to grant the order for Israel to declare an immediate ceasefire meant that it had rejected South Africa’s claim that it had no right to self-defense against the October 7 atrocities committed by Hamas, which sparked the current war.

“The vile attempt to deny Israel this fundamental right is blatant discrimination against the Jewish state, and it was justly rejected,” stated Netanyahu following the ruling, while insisting that the charge of genocide against Israel was “not only false, it’s outrageous,” and that “decent people everywhere should reject it.”

South Africa, meanwhile, hailed the decision, calling it a “decisive victory for the international rule of law and a significant milestone in the search for justice for the Palestinian people.”



The Progressive View


"In the interest of Clarity
In a landmark ruling today a bunch amoral progressive idiots (but I repeat myself) said its ok to kill Jews without any consequences. because its just Jews."
A Skinny Old Wise Ass.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed a decision by the World Court on Friday (January 26) not to order a ceasefire in the war in Gaza but rejected a charge of genocide as "outrageous," and said it would continue to defend itself.


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