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They Are Coming For Your Coffee Now


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Swiss banker and World Economic Forum “agenda contributor”, Hubert Keller, is coming for your coffee. You know why. The climate agenda.


It will never be enough with these people. Do you put milk in your coffee? That’s a whole different battle. Cows, you know, produce methane when they fart and that’s not good for the climate. Carbon dioxide is necessary for life. Green plants feed on carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a by-product. Yet, climate activists want to take as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as possible, thinking that atmospheric carbon dioxide traps heat. That causes man-made global warning, their reasoning goes. They want to limit emissions of carbon dioxide.

One way of limiting emissions is to go after agricultural production and practices. In this case, it is the production of coffee. Keller spoke out about coffee production as a culprit in climate warming. He should pick on something else. Farmers are responsible people who conserve the land and keep it healthy to produce crops. Coffee producers are the same. I was once in Hawaii and toured a coffee plantation in Kona. That was back in the 1990s and even then a big part of the message was that it was an environmentally-friendly operation.:snip:

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