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Trump wins New Hampshire! (SHOCK /sarc)


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"Biden has nothing to say about the future. The future is beyond his imagining...."

"If the Republicans are offering right-wing populism, the Democrats can’t just continue to offer grievance agendas, especially since most of those grievances have been dramatically meliorated. The dirty little secret of Diversity, Equity and Identity (DEI) programs is that they’re indicative of past-thinking, not the future. Indeed, when someone like former Harvard President Claudine Gay—a product of the DEI-industrial complex—blames her firing on racism, not lunkheaded Congressional testimony and plagiarism, the traditional Democrat identity-rhetoric begins to seem laughable.... At this point, the Dems need to offer an anti-identity agenda, an American unity agenda...."

Writes Joe Klein, in "It's Not Just Biden/The Democrats are Senescent, too" (Substack).

But Klein is 77 (the same age as Trump) so he says it's not for him to say what belongs in the Democrats' future-looking agenda. He wants "some fresh young genius" to tell us what to do, someone who understands... what? Video games and A.I.! 

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Because I'm a Contrarian

Simple Math
John Schroeder

Wed, Jan 24, 2024

If you believe the headlines, then Trump crushed Haley in New Hampshire last night and it is time for Haley to get out.  Well, here is my math – in Iowa, Haley and Desantis combined for 40.3%.  In New Hampshire Haley has (as things currently stand) 43.2%.  That’s a significant gain for “Not Trump.”  Is it enough?  Is it fast enough?  I don’t know.  Brit Hume thinks Trump is showing “weakness.”  It’s enough to know this thing isn’t over and the headlines have an agenda other than analyzing the numbers.



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