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They’re Black Democrats. And They’re Suing Chicago Over Migrants.


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The Free Press

The city greets new arrivals with resources like health screenings and rent support. ‘They’re giving migrants all the things we’ve been asking for since we came here in chains.’

Olivia Reingold

January 23, 2024


Neighbors Donald Glover (from left), Mona Collins, Gerald K. Harris, and Fred Caldwell in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Harris is one of five plaintiffs suing Chicago over its plans to house migrants at nearby Amundsen Park. (Jamie Kelter Davis for The Free Press)

“How dare you?”

That was the first reaction Cata Truss, a 57-year-old mother on the West Side of Chicago, had when she found out who was behind the push to turn her neighborhood park into a shelter for migrants: Democrats she helped elect. 

“All these people, I have supported every one of them,” she says about Mayor Brandon Johnson and his progressive allies. “I was like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ ”

There was no way she was going to let Amundsen Park—what she calls “the crown jewel of the community”—go to the newly arrived migrants from the Mexican border. Especially not when there were black Chicagoans who needed the space, which she says kept her five sons “out of trouble” and busy playing football when they were young. 

“There’s a humanitarian crisis in the black community,” said Truss. “But every time we have a need in our community, we’re told that there are no funds. There’s no money for us.” 


So last October, a day before the field house was set to become a migrant shelter, Truss raced to the local courthouse, along with three of her neighbors—plus the head of the local NAACP chapter for moral support. For the next two and a half hours, she drafted a lawsuit in a notebook, then ripped out the pages and handed them to a clerk. Her argument, handwritten in pen, was that the field house was “designated for recreational use within the community,” not housing noncitizens. One of her co-plaintiffs, Gerald K. Harris, runs the football program at the field house that trained her five sons.

“I was like, ‘bring it on,’ ” she says. “Let’s fight.” 

The city of Chicago is now facing seven lawsuits, at least three of them filed by people of color, all bound by a concern that their leaders would rather serve the migrants than their own vulnerable citizens. Truss is now represented by Deidre Baumann, a Democratic civil rights attorney working on a pro bono basis, along with her four co-plaintiffs, all of whom are black. A second suit, in the South Side, has two black plaintiffs. A third, in Chicago’s Brighton Park, is led by five Hispanic residents and one Asian American. 

Although critics often claim that only “extreme MAGA Republicans” oppose the record influx of migrants into the U.S., if you visit Chicago like I did earlier this month, you’ll see that these plaintiffs are not motivated by bigotry. Instead, most of them are minorities who feel their communities are getting the short end of the stick. 


To regain their trust, he says, the party needs to return to its working-class roots. U.S. support for immigration has been falling over the past decade, reaching a low of 28 percent last year, yet the most recent Democratic Party platform pledged to “expand the existing asylum system and other humanitarian protections.” 

“I want to turn the party back to a fair party, a party for everyone,” he says. “Not a party for the elites.” 


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Jan 28, 2024 #foxnews

Chicago Democrats Natasha Dunn and J. Darnell Jones tell 'One Nation' why they're outraged about the mayor's handling of illegal migrants flooding their city.


46 minutes ago
A DEI Consultant and an Activist Teacher complaining about Mayor Brandon and the consequences of their activism is TOO RICH!!!

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