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Commies Don't Like Boogie Woogie!


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Talk TV
Jan 23, 2024 LONDON

A video capturing the moment a group of individuals waving Chinese flags insisted that a pianist stop filming during a lighthearted performance has triggered outrage after it went viral. Brendan Kavanagh, a YouTuber, shared a video on his channel, showcasing him playing the piano at London's St Pancras International station amid bustling commuters.

As the footage progresses, several people waving Chinese flags appear in the background, eventually approaching the musician and instructing him to stop filming. A baffled Mr. Kavanagh questions why he should stop filming and emphasizes to the group, who claim to be shooting for Chinese TV, that the "UK, it's a free country" and that they're in public.

Mike Graham speaks with Brendan Kavangh and professor of 'woke studies' Eric Kaufmann.

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Jan. 24 2024

DrK will be interviewed at 8pm tonight on Piers Morgan Uncensored Wed 24th Jan

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Jan 24, 2024

As this story keeps getting bigger and bigger, Dr K has a chat with Piers Morgan about Free Speech and defying the Chinese Communists.

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Jan. 25 2024

The ‘little pink’ communists have started a disinformation campaign on Social Media…

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Jan 26, 2024

A recent viral video featuring the piano-playing artist Brendan Kavanagh has become a prime example of the Streisand Effect, where attempts to suppress information or art only serve to amplify its reach.

Brendan Kavanagh, a British pianist with 2.2 million followers on YouTube @DrKBoogieWoogie was live-streaming a public performance of his piano riffs when the group of Chinese nationals was incidentally captured in the background. The Chinese nationals asked him not to record them, insisting he did not have the right to share their images online.

The Piano was roped off and closed to the public before being reopened today when Brendan Kavanagh returned to play and made an impassioned speech.

Brendan Kavanagh explains to the assembled crowd that he is holding Winnie the Pooh because the beloved character "has been banned by the CCP.. this shows the power of the arts to undermine authoritarianism."

He said today's performance was "a blow for artistic freedom" and the piano at St Pancras had become "a CCP little pink freezone."

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