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'We're pressing pause on' EVs: City's $5 million electric bus fleet breaks down


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The Blaze

Candace Hathaway
January 22, 2024

Asheville, North Carolina, is looking to reinvest in biodiesel-powered buses after investing millions of dollars in an electric fleet that is only partly operable, WLOS reported.

Cities across America are starting to regret their massive electric bus investments as they continue to pour funds into costly, time-consuming repairs.


Only two of the five EV buses are currently operating while the other three are out of service while awaiting repairs. The city reported that the faulty buses have had several software and mechanical issues since they were delivered. One of the buses has been parked since July because the city cannot obtain a manufacturer replacement for a broken door.


"We haven't been able to get new doors," Morriss explained. "There's no third party that makes a door. We'd have to get custom-made doors."

Morriss noted that maintenance costs, including replacing traction drive controls on all five buses, have cost the city an additional $251,000.




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undefined undefined 29 minutes ago

I live near Asheville and they got another problem with their buses.. they are 50ft long and won't fit making turns on city streets.. ! So they are not being used ..

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