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Democratic Reps Adam Schiff And Ted Lieu Go All-In On Protecting Rats


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Analyzing America

Congressman Ted Lieu and Congressman Adam Schiff, both Democrats from California, have introduced the Glue Trap Prohibition Act, aiming to ban the use of glue traps to catch rodents.

The bill highlights the inhumane treatment of rodents and unintended capture of other animals, receiving endorsements from animal protection organizations.

Critics argue that the government should focus on more pressing issues, such as inflation and border security, rather than legislating on rodent contro

“There are numerous other ways to trap small animals that don’t prolong their suffering. As a proud member of the Animal Protection Caucus, I’m pleased to introduce this bill to stop the needless suffering of these animals,” Lieu wrote.

“The Glue Trap Prohibition Act has been endorsed by PETA, the Humane Society Legislative Fund, and the Humane Society of the United States,” Lieu’s press release read.:snip:



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