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Darren Beattie's Latest on the J6 Pipe Bomber


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Declassified with Julie Kelly

Revolver News published video showing law enforcement's lackadaisical response to the discovery of a "pipe bomb" outside the DNC on January 6, raising more questions about the still unsolved threat.
Julie Kelly
Jan 21, 2024

In case you missed this report, I want to share Darren’s latest must-read report on another scandal associated with the still unsolved mystery of the January 6 (or 5th, as the FBI claims) pipe bomber. This very well could be a game changer at a time when the J6 narrative continues to crumble:



Darren talked to Tucker about the latest revelations:



Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, is blown away by what he saw:



Which prompts me to repost my article from a few months ago detailing the missing Secret Service records related to January 6:



I also reposted on Twitter my February 2022 reporting on Karlin Younger, the woman who just happened to find the first device near the RNC at around 12:40 p.m. that day:



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Explore the depths of January 6th with Stu Burguiere and Steve Baker, as they discuss "The Pipe Bomb," an investigative piece uncovering overlooked details of the day. This discussion highlights the differing security responses at the DNC and RNC and the critical presence of Kamala Harris during the bomb discovery. Baker's findings raise important questions about the official narrative, offering a new lens to view this significant moment in history.

(00:00) The January 6 Capitol riot and a bomb found at the RNC.

(01:21) Withheld information about DNC bomb threat.

(03:26) Police response to bomb threat near VP Elect Kamala Harris.

(05:21) Secret Service incompetence during a bomb threat.

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