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Insane barbarism


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Jan. 19 2024

As Secretary Antony Blinken and other high officials of the Biden administration yammer on about the purported “two-state solution,” Israelis continue to absorb what happened to them on October 7. It’s unusual for Israelis to arrive at a consensus on anything, but they have done so on this “solution.” As a solution, they think it ranks up there with the Final Solution. They concur that no Israeli in his right mind would agree to such the “two-state solution” (as Israel’s President Chaim Herzog put it in Davos yesterday).

IDF soldier Adir Tahar was killed in fighting with Hamas terrorists on October 7. He was then beheaded. One of the terrorist later tried to sell his head for $10,000. David Tahar, Adir’s father, told the story in an interview with Israel’s Channel 14 on Wednesday. The interview was conducted in Hebrew and posted on X. The Times of Israel summarizes it here with more including additional evidence of beheadings on October 7. Who can read this and think, hey, time to give them a state?


Israeli author Hen Mazzig also summarized the interview in the tweet below. I include it here for the photo of father and son.


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EU’s top diplomat: Palestinian state may need to be imposed on Israel from outside
Borrell argues ‘actors too opposed to reach an agreement autonomously’; US says ‘no way’ to ensure Israeli security without a Palestinian state after Netanyahu rejects notion
Agencies and Jacob Magid

Jan. 19 2024

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Friday that the only peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict included the creation of a Palestinian state, and he suggested this might need to “be imposed from the outside,” without Israel’s agreement.

Borrell, in a speech at the University of Valladolid in Spain, said that without international intervention, the “spiral of hate will continue generation after generation,” according to multiple Spanish media outlets.

“The actors are too opposed to be able to reach an agreement autonomously,” Borrell said. “If everyone is in favor of this solution, the international community will have to impose it.”



Good Luck

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