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Jordan Peterson 'will publicize every single bit' of forced re-education by Ontario College of Psychologists


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The Post Millennial

"Canadians," he said, "mark my words: Your much-vaunted Charter of Rights isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on."
Libby Emmons Brooklyn NY
Jan 17, 2024

Jordan Peterson has been ordered to go re-education training under the auspices of the Ontario College of Psychologists or face the loss off his professional license in Canada. After his appeal was denied, and the final legal avenues were closed to him, he wrote his plans in the National Post. 

"I think I’ll fight a little longer," he said. "Bring it on, you bloody pikers: take your next steps, bureaucrats: write me, and tell me how exactly we are to conduct my re-education. I’ll play along, find out exactly what you will do, now that you’ve been emboldened to do whatever it is that the darkest resentful demons lurking in your evil little low-level administrative hearts most truly desire, even to your own detriment.

"I’ll see how burdensome playing your pathetic game becomes, and I will publicize every single bit of it. And, if I get tired of it, which seems highly likely, I’ll hand over the bloody licence I am increasingly embarrassed in any case to possess and let you continue journeying oh-so-morally to the dismal, fearful, pessimistic, moralizing, petty, butter-won’t-melt in our mouths hellish straits that you envision as the paradise best fit for your fellow citizens, yourselves and your children."


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