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Chicago Teachers Union: 'CTU encourage its members to wear Black Lives Matter at School shirts to school’


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Chicago City Wire

The Chicago Teachers Union is pushing full speed ahead on identity politics with the Black Lives Matter movement, despite controversy surrounding the organization’s extremist history.

In a recent “Resolution for Black Lives Matter” the CTU noted its support for the radical organization and encouraged its members to wear BLM garb during the first week of February, which has been deemed the "BLM at School Week(s) of Action."

The resolution notes a laundry list of items such as police shootings, the teaching of black history, CPS's loss of black students and other items.

“RESOLVED that the CTU will host events during or around this week and engage in advocacy on an ongoing basis aligned to the national demands for hiring more Black teachers and ending the pushout of Black teachers in our schools, proper implementation of restorative practices in schools and ending zero tolerance discipline, teaching students Black history and other ethnic studies curricula, and funding more counselors in schools as opposed to police officers; and be it finally,” the CTU said in the resolution.

“RESOLVED that the CTU encourage its members to wear Black Lives Matter at School shirts to school that week and teach lessons about related topics.”

The resolution also called for a higher percentage of black teachers in Chicago Public Schools despite noting Hispanics make up the largest population of students at 46.6% but are underrepresented as teachers at 21.2% of the population.:snip:

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