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Border-Jumpers Are Pushing American Kids Out Of School All Across The Country


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The Federalist

A Brooklyn school informed parents their children will be getting low-quality remote instruction to turn their school into a refugee camp.


Democrats’ open border is turning the entire United States into a refugee camp. The record-breaking numbers of foreigners allowed to break U.S. border laws are most heavily affecting large and sanctuary cities like New York City, but the numbers are so high they can’t help but affect cities across America as well.

Yesterday, a Brooklyn high school informed parents their children will be getting low-quality remote instruction because their school is being turned into a refugee camp. The 4,000 students are being displaced on behalf of approximately 1,900 foreign lawbreakers. In spring 2023, city officials also occupied school gyms with migrants, prompting safety concerns from parents about unvetted, military-age male foreigners sharing buildings with their kids.:snip:

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Brooklyn High School Postpones Winter Dance Following Migrant Takeover

'How is it our kids are being punished … because we have to house people that broke the law to get in here?' one parent asked

The New York City high school that canceled in-person classes to make space for migrants is also postponing its winter dance, which was scheduled to take place Wednesday night in the school's gym-turned-migrant shelter.:snip:

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Elon Musk issues alarming warning after students booted from school to make room for immigrants

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed the government may soon target people’s homes to accommodate illegal immigrants.

Musk sent out the warning in response to a video from the Libs of TikTok X, formerly Twitter, account. The video showed immigrants being dropped off at a New York high school, where they would reportedly be staying in the gym.

“This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate. Then they will come for your homes,” Musk warned.:snip:

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