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Susan Sarandon (world class idiot) joins hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters shutting down NYC traffic


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The Washington Examiner

Hunter Heather
January 8, 2024

Actress Susan Sarandon was seen on Monday joining the massive Manhattan Bridge demonstration that was part of a broader pro-Palestinian protest demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Over 300 protesters were arrested on Monday as demonstrations blocked the tunnel and the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges.

“Because no one is free until everyone is free. And it’s my tax money that is paying for all these horrible weapons. And it’s a genocide — there are no bystanders in a genocide,” Sarandon said in a clip of the protest shared by Writers Against the War on Gaza on Instagram.



One man yelled at the protesters about having to get home to his daughter. After his patience ran out, he eventually got out of his car and physically pushed the protesters away from the front of his car.





I may have edited the title

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