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Every Conspiracy Everywhere All At Once


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Seth Mandel

Jan. 4 2024

Jews have often noted that conspiracy theories about us openly contradict each other: at one moment, we’ll be accused of being communists; in another, they’ll hate us for being capitalists. But social media today means we live in the era of what I’d call Kitchen Sink Anti-Semitism: Like the movie that cleaned up at the 2022 Oscars, it’s everything everywhere all at once.


But then there’s the fact that Princeton University just concluded a semester in which a Near Eastern history course assigned the book by Rutgers professor Jasbir Puar featuring the classic blood libel of Israeli organ-harvesting. As Jonathan Marks noted in COMMENTARY in 2016, Puar herself rejected the “genocide” accusation, saying: “The Jewish Israeli population cannot afford to hand over genocide to another population. They need the Palestinians alive in order to keep the kind of rationalization for their victimhood and their militarized economy.”

And so it is that the Jews are simultaneously guilty of genocide and of perpetuating a multi-generational campaign of evil that precludes genocide. Both of these allegations coexist within the same cohort—academic anti-Semites—in psychopathic harmony.


Popular progressive activist Bree Newsome defended Rao before coming upon a conspiracy theory Newsome found more exciting. Palestinian-American filmmaker Lexi Alexander posted her reaction to the unsealing of names and documents involved in the sex-trafficking case of the late, disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein: “I don’t think the Epstein list is a distraction from the genocide, it (and whatever else Israel has on powerful people) is the reason this genocide was allowed to happen.”


To which Newsome added, “It’s all connected!!”


The Jewish people have been accused of pretty much everything under the sun over the course of human history. And if you scroll through an afternoon or two of political punditry, you’ll see absolutely all of it.

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