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Group that rescues Americans from hot spots preparing for possible Taiwan operation


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Washington Examiner

A nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Americans abroad whose lives are at risk is currently preparing for the possibility they may conduct rescue missions in Taiwan and mainland China ahead of a possible conflict.

China views the island of Taiwan as a rogue province and has threatened to take it by force, and while the U.S. does not recognize Taiwan's independence, it also does not want to see any unilateral shift in the status quo. Beijing's military modernization and nuclear expansion, plus its more aggressive posture toward Taiwan, have raised concerns that China could try to take Taiwan militarily in the coming years.


Project Dynamo is a nonprofit organization made up of former U.S. military and intelligence officials who came together in August 2021 to rescue Americans who were unable to leave Afghanistan before the military withdrew at the end of the month and were essentially left behind. Since then, they have continued their effort to rescue Americans that the U.S. military was not planning on saving at that time in countries across the world.

"I think the answer is maybe, or it depends," Bryan Stern, a combat veteran and the founder of Project Dynamo, told the Washington Examiner when asked if they'd carry out rescue missions in mainland China as well as Taiwan. "I think it remains to be seen if Americans are stuck and we can get them out from wherever they are....":snip:

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