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The Utter Insanity of Joe Biden’s Open Border - Victor Davis Hanson


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American Greatness

There have been more than 8 million illegal entries into the United States since Joe Biden was elected president. He appointed Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security, whose apparent prime directive was to destroy the southern border.

That task is precisely what Mayorkas has now accomplished. The result is that the border is neither “porous” nor “problematic,” but nonexistent, kaput, vanished—and by design.

In one of the most surreal experiences in the history of the United States, each night Americans see video clips of thousands of foreign nationals crossing the border en masse with complete impunity—as if the entire corpus of federal immigration law has been dynamited.


But by whom? And why?

As millions of citizens watch this travesty, they hear only from Mayorkas, Biden, and his Pravda megaphone, Karin Jean-Pierre, that the border is “secure”—a Baghdad Bob narrative that they know that we know is an utter lie.

Surely, this deliberate effort to destroy an entire border, to invite in millions of unchecked illegal aliens, and to violate oaths to execute faithfully the laws of the land are impeachable offenses for both Biden and Mayorkas. If not, what are?

Stranger still, Americans have no real idea why these revolutionaries are destroying our border.:snip:

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This is only Insane if you assume The Biden administration thinks a secure border s a good thing. There is an ideology (that controls The Democratic Party) that sees this chaos as a Good Thing.

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Former acting DHS secretary under the Trump administration Chad Wolf suggests House Speaker Mike Johnson should consult Border Patrol agents during his upcoming border visit. Wolf adds that understanding the effective tools and policies from those “with boots on the ground” can equip lawmakers with ideas to urge the Biden administration for more action upon their return to Washington.

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