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Attack on Cologne Cathedral Foiled


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

December 31, 2023

The Christmas/New Year season is one of heightened terrorism alert in Europe. Today, German authorities announced that they had stopped an intended Islamic attack on Cologne’s (Koln’s) historic cathedral:

German police have arrested three people suspected of planning a New Year’s Eve terrorist attack on Cologne Cathedral, which was reportedly to be carried out in a car loaded with explosives.

Officers had first been informed of an attack planned for Christmas Eve and patrolled the cathedral with machine guns until New Year’s Eve, when they intercepted the group.

The detainees, who are all Tajik, had planned to use a car as their means of attack but “in which way is not known”, said Cologne police.

Once again, it seems that intelligence was good, as the three suspects were arrested far from the cathedral:




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