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Hamas leaders lived like wealthy celebrities in Gaza terror reign prior to Oct. 7 massacre


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Fox News

JERUSALEM — It's been a busy last few weeks for Israeli troops battling Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. In addition to uncovering large caches of munitions and complex tunnel networks snaking beneath hospitals, U.N. facilities and schools, soldiers have located the luxury residential complexes that until recently were home to some of Hamas’ most senior – and, apparently, most pampered – Hamas leaders. 

"It’s a neighborhood of homes belonging to Hamas leaders and very wealthy people," Col. Elad Tzuri, commander of the IDF’s 7th Brigade, told Fox News Digital in a phone interview from the neighborhood in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, roughly 2 miles from the Mediterranean coast. 

Khan Younis is the birthplace of many of Hamas' most senior commanders, including Yahya Sinwar, its top leader in the strip and the mastermind behind the Iranian-backed terror group’s brutal Oct. 7 massacre against Israel; his brother, Mohammed Sinwar, who commands Hamas’ southern brigade; Mohammed Deif, head of the terror group’s military wing; and Rafa’a Salameh, Hamas Commander of Khan Younis Battalion. 

Recently, the IDF put a collective $1 million bounty on the heads of the four men, declaring them its most wanted.  

Tzuri, who reached the southern city with his troops days after the U.S.-Qatari-Egyptian mediated cease-fire with Hamas collapsed Dec. 1, told Fox News Digital, "In every house we entered, we found evidence of combat and weapons. There was not one house without RPGs, Kalashnikovs, rockets and entrances to tunnels."

The commander described the neighborhood, which also included vacation homes of other Hamas leaders, as "fancy."

"The leaders lived here in very nice homes," he said. "In the neighborhood where I am right now, we found the home of Gaza’s deputy prime minister. It’s a big and fancy house. …. They lived a fancy life here and were not ashamed of their wealth." :snip:


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