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The conservative pin-up calendar is harmless kitsch, not pornography


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The Washington Examiner

Tiana Lowe Doescher, Commentary Writer
December 28, 2023

In the dumbest possible online nontroversy that has been branded #Calendargate, a handful of conservatives — and disproportionately, conservative women — are apoplectic over a calendar featuring photo shoots of various right-wing bloggers and "influencers." Meant to lampoon the leftist notions that men can be women and that anorexia and obesity are considered beautiful by Hollywood and the corporate media, the "Real Women of America" 2024 calendar operates as part pin-up and part not-so-subtle advertisement for the creator, "Conservative Dad," and his Ultra Right Beer.

It is kitschy. The photo shoots boast a relatively low production value, and the aesthetic is certainly catering to a working-class sensibility, not the world of high fashion or museum curation. But the calendar itself is anodyne and innocuous at worst and a fine celebration of real, conservative women of all races and healthy, attractive body types. It's PG-13 and tolerably cringe, but pin-ups are neither meant to be high art nor pornography. The most scantily dressed model is the bikini-clad cover star, Riley Gaines, who became a conservative celebrity as a collegiate swimmer who competed against biological male Lia Thomas, and the rest of the models are fully clothed.




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