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Democrats switching over to GOP in Pennsylvania at double the rate of Republicans


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The Washington Examiner

Peter Cordi , Homepage Editor
December 26, 2023

More Democratic voters in Pennsylvania are switching to the GOP than Republican voters are switching to the Democratic Party, a problematic trend for President Joe Biden in his quest to win the Keystone State in 2024.

In 2023, 35,589 Democrats switched to the Republican Party in the swing state, while only 15,622 Republicans flipped over to the Democratic Party, according to the state’s voter registration data as of Dec. 18.

"Current voter registration trends and polling in Pennsylvania should be setting off alarms for President Biden and Democrats at the state and national level," Erik Telford, Commonwealth Foundation senior vice president of public affairs, told Newsweek.

The data also show that both parties saw droves of voters become unaffiliated with either party, as 20,908 Democrats and 18,927 Republicans left their respective parties.


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