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China's funding of U.S. climate initiatives mirrors the Russian funding of anti-fracking groups


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just the News

nonprofit with operations in Beijing reportedly funded a number of nonprofits in the United States fighting climate change and pushing for sustainable or "green" energy.

Tax filings obtained by Fox News showed that the Energy Foundation China, which is headquartered in San Francisco and has a majority of its operations in China. The group, which refers to itself in tax filings as “Energy Foundation China” contributed $3.8 million to initiatives to phase out coal use and expand the use of electric vehicles, according to Fox News.

The foundation's website says that its mission is to achieve for China "prosperity and a safe climate through sustainable energy. Our mission is to achieve greenhouse gas emissions neutrality, world-class air quality, energy access, and green growth through transforming energy and optimizing economic structure."

Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow with the Energy and Environmental Legal Institute and publisher of JunkScience.com, told Just The News that the revelations that China is providing funding for green energy initiatives should come as no surprise.


Besides the fact the country has cornered global supplies in critical minerals and stands to profit from an expansion of wind and solar, it wouldn’t be the first time that foreign nations have used the environmental movement to influence U.S. energy policy.:snip:

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