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Biden brags about defying Supreme Court and relieving '136 million' student loan debts


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Washington Examiner

President Joe Biden bragged Wednesday about defying the Supreme Court over student loans and appeared to slip up verbally in doing so.

The Supreme Court struck down Biden's $400 billion student loan forgiveness plan in June, ruling it was an illegal use of the president's powers. But since then, Biden has pushed forward with several smaller rounds of cancellation anyway.

"I went to the Supreme Court to eliminate student debt out there,” Biden said to applause at a Bidenomics-focused speech in Milwaukee. “Guess what? The Supreme Court ruled against me, but I still got 136 million people’s debt relieved.”


While the statement raises prickly questions about the separation of powers, it is also incorrect, though it is unclear if Biden deliberately misspoke or simply mixed up a few of his numbers.:snip:

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