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You Have To Choose A Side!


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John Schroeder

Dec 15, 2023 

The President is officially an idiot – “‘I want them to be focused on how to save civilian lives. Not stop going after Hamas, but be more careful,’ President Biden told reporters Thursday.”  It is war for crying out loud!  The fastest way to save live is to end the war, anything short of that is simply foolishness.

Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit had the best response – “HAMAS COULD ALWAYS JUST SURRENDER THE HOSTAGES AND GIVE UP ‘TO SAVE GAZANS.'”  Get it?  By placing the blame for the loss of “innocent” Gazan lives on the Israelis, the president in in fact choosing sides.  The Israelis are not acting in a vacuum, and Hamas has options too


There is no middle ground on this one and trying to find one just means you are choosing sides.  Right now, through our failure to realize that, we are siding with the bad guys.  And so idiocy turns into evil.

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