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Media/Anti-Trump People List Things Trump Might Do If He Wins - the Raging Paranoia Is Hilarious


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Democrats are at a crossroads when it comes to Joe Biden. If he's going to pull out for 2024, one would think it has to be soon. If he doesn't, his numbers right now are awful against former President Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination. Trump's winning in five of the six swing states, with his lead increasing since July. Even CNN had to admit he was up in Michigan and Georgia by some significant numbers. 

You know the Democrats and the Biden team have to be tearing their hair out behind the scenes that Trump might win. So, it looks like the talking points have gone out. -- it's "Hitler Time" again! Oh, and not only is he going to destroy "democracy," but he's going to shoot everyone, too! This is pretty funny. Featuring people like Liz Cheney and Michael Cohen, you know to prepare for some real crazy takes. This is a festival of TDS. 

Cohen claims we're not going to be able to go to "Canada" because Trump will annex Canada. David Frum suggests that Trump could shoot the First Lady and get away with it. "We're going to see violence the likes of which we didn't even see on Jan. 6," Jennifer Rubin grouses, making a face that was something else. Oh, no, he'll make himself the Fuhrer, use martial law against the American people, terminate the Constitution, rewrite the Constitution (is that before or after he terminates it?), create mass internment camps, throw everyone into Gitmo, and send people to jail (especially minorities!). :snip:

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