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Today's Toons 12/11/23


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This Thread Brought To You By The Letter T: 


In Case You Missed It Dept.:  

On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Kamala Harris urged Americans not to forget January 6th. 

The National Retail Federation reported huge retail sales throughout North America on Black Friday with stores in both the U.S. and Canada. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to be sent home from work that morning to wash up. Apparently Black Friday isn't what he thought it was. 

Taylor Swift wrapped up last week's sold-out concerts in Buenos Aires, Rio and Sao Paolo and took her concert tour across the Pacific to Japan and the Tokyo Dome this weekend. Taylor has endorsed Joe Biden for president. Why do I sense yet another song coming about her poor taste in men? 

Donald Trump stepped on Joe Biden's birthday Monday by posting a sparkling health report by his doctor, who examined the former president. It says that Trump is in perfect health and scored perfectly on his mental acuity test. Not to be outdone, Joe Biden released the results of his latest autopsy. 

Donald Trump will remain on the ballot in Colorado after a judge dismissed a challenge based on a 14th Amendment clause barring insurrectionists from public office. It just never ends. Democrats have put their opposition to the death penalty on hold until their treason charges against Trump play out. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams denied accusations made in a sexual assault suit filed against him in an alleged encounter in 1993. Just last week, the FBI seized Adams' phone and laptop in a campaign finance probe. I think he can get all the charges dropped if he changes his plea to the Border is Secure. 

L.A. District Attorney George Gascon is being pressured to drop his cashless bail policy due to the spike in crime. We live in our own special world out here. A man was arrested at LAX last week carrying eight pounds of heroin in a plastic bag, and he was charged with possession of a plastic bag. 

Argentina upset the political world Tuesday by electing Libertarian Javier Milei president, who promises to get rid of the political class, cut taxes, and open up free markets. His election had to cause Trump great joy. He now knows there's at least one country that would never extradite him to New York. 

Whenever I read China slaves work 84 hour weeks to make our solar panels, I always wonder how they'll find the time to make my smartphone. 

The Weather Channel reported that the nation’s first Arctic cold front swept down into the U.S. from Canada and chilled the entire Eastern Seaboard and blew over the National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. It was colder than Hillary’s inauguration. Al Gore led a prayer for global warming. 

The Kansas City Chiefs faced a woke uprising over a ten-year-old fan who dressed for Sunday’s game in full team regalia. The boy wore a tribal headdress, with half his face painted black and half his face painted red. If tried and convicted he could get four-to-eight years as Prime Minister of Canada. 

Hamas won the world to its side today after releasing a few of the children they kidnapped. 

Chicago mayor said he blames the city's troubles on Republicans who refuse to accept the results of the Civil War. How's that? The damn Republicans WON the damn war, at least that's how my grandparents always described it to me. 

The media won't let up on the 9 year old KC Chiefs fan in war paint til his parents change his name to Washington Commander. 

Henry Kissinger died today. Sirens in Hanoi signal the All-Clear. 

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont infuriated environmentalists by withdrawing his mandate that all vehicles sold in the state by 2035 be EVs. They save lives. Here in West Hollywood I have a Generation Z neighbor who tried to kill herself by sitting inside the garage with her electric car running. 

President Biden pulled the switch and lit the beautiful National Christmas Tree on the South Lawn of the White House Thursday airing on live TV. The president was backed by U.S. flags on the stage behind him. Americans constantly need to see American flags to remind us what country we're in. 

President Biden addressed a wind turbine factory in Colorado on Wednesday and extolled the benefits of his economic policies in terms of employment and GDP. Joe pointed out that millions of Americans in the past year have gotten a raise. It's in our medication dosage, but still, a win is a win. 

The World Health Organization said there's no pandemic to worry about after China's spike in children's hospitalizations for respiratory illness. Nevertheless, Americans are starting to take increased safety precautions. Yesterday, I saw a guy vaccinating himself behind the bus station. 

DeSantis' poop map of San Francisco is now outselling Maps to the Stars Homes in Hollywood. 

President Biden faced calls to allow a younger Democrat to run for president in 2024 after polls show two-thirds of Democrats think he's too old for a second term. Joe's physical comedy skills will not go wasted if he steps aside. CBS is offering Biden his own reality series called The Golden Train Wreck. 

Jussie Smolette lost his appeal in Illinois Supreme Court Friday and is headed for jail. He hired two Nigerians to cover their faces, stage a fake racist attack on him while shouting this is MAGA country. He was hailed in Hollywood for hiring black actors for what has traditionally been a white role. 

The White House got hit by poll numbers Monday showing Americans rate economic conditions as very bad and giving President Biden low approval ratings for his economic policies. The National Christmas tree fell over at the White House Tuesday. Even IT won't stand for the Biden Administration. 

-- Argus Hamilton



(Thank you, pollyannaish)

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25 minutes ago, mass55th said:

Thanks for the Toons Pookie!! Have a great week!!

You're welcome, as always & the same to you, mass55th!

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