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Notorious Gambino mob ‘Gemini Twins’ hitman linked to 11 murders, dismemberments paroled after getting life sentence


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New York Post

Jon Levine ,Mary Kay Linge and Georgia Worrell
Published Dec. 9, 2023

A “stone cold” Mafia hitman tied to at least 11 bodies, some of them dismembered, will be sprung from federal prison next year after serving just 35 years of a life sentence — outraging the families of his victims.

Former Gambino crime family button man Anthony Senter, 68, behind bars in Canaan, PA, was recently given the green light for release by the U.S. Parole Commission.

“The Commission determined that he had substantially observed the rules of the institution and that his release in June 2024 would not jeopardize the public welfare,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman told The Post.

But that’s a far cry from how federal authorities once viewed Senter, who was sentenced to life plus 20 years in 1989 after being convicted for participating in at least 11 murders.


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Mar 13, 2015
Anthony Senter and Joseph Testa, better known the Gemini twins are former members of the DeMeo crew in the Gambino crime family. In 1989, both Senter and Testa were found guilty of racketeering and 10 counts of murder and both were sentenced to life in federal prison.


Mar 12, 2022
Gambino Soldier Roy DeMeo of Murder Machine Fame was whacked in January 1983.  Two of his greatly feared crew members Joey Testa and Anthony Senter aka The Gemini Twins, moved away from the Gambino Family and became associated with Anthony Gaspipe Casso and the Lucchese Family.

This American Mafia Documentary explores Mafia History and takes a look at the mob careers of the Gemini Twins during their time working for the Lucchese Family, after their time at the Gemini Lounge.

This Mafia video features Cosa Nostra gangsters including Paul Castellano, John Gotti, Vic Amuso, Al D'Arco, Paul Vario, Frank Lastorino, George Zappola, Christy Tick Furnari and various associates such as Franks Santora, Frank Smith Jr and Russian mobsters Marat Balagula and Vladimir Reznikov.

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