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Israel Warned Not to Offend Gazans


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

December 9, 2023

You see this every time conflict breaks out between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. This time, it is the Telegraph, but you can find many more examples: “How the invasion of Gaza risks radicalising a new generation of Palestinians.” As opposed to the generation that launched the October 7 massacre, apparently.

Air strikes and a lightning ground offensive in the north forced more than a million people into southern Gaza, a pocket of relative safety until last week when it too came under bombardment.

The future of the whole of Gaza, and indeed the Gazan people, is now more uncertain than ever as concerns grow that the war is fostering yet more animosity between Israel and the Palestinian people.

What fosters animosity between Israel and the Palestinian people is the sick Palestinian culture, which has reached its apotheosis in Gaza, that teaches children that killing Jews is the highest possible aspiration. You have probably heard the audio recording of the young Hamas terrorist who called his parents in the midst of the slaughter to report that he had killed ten Jews. They were suitably proud of him.


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