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Company Peter Thiel Co-Founded Sets Aside 180 Positions For Jewish Students After Anti-Semitism Soars On Campuses


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The Daily Wire

Hank Berrien

Dec 7, 2023

Apparently responding to the widespread anti-Semitism that has ballooned on campus since the Hamas massacre of 1,200 Israelis on October 7, Palantir Technologies, the data analytics company co-founded by billionaire investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, announced on Thursday that they would set aside 180 positions for Jewish students who “fear for their safety on campus and need to seek refuge outside traditional establishments of higher education.”

Palantir’s action follows a day after the presidents of Harvard University, UPenn, and MIT all dodged the question of whether calling on their campuses for the genocide of Jews constituted bullying and harassment, citing the need for “context.”

“We at Palantir have been committed to defending the principles that make democratic rule possible since our founding two decades ago,” Palantir wrote. “Our software embodies our values and commitments. These include high performance, efficiency, transparency, fairness, and a rejection of narrow thinking, including fear and skepticism of the other and outright bigotry”

“We believe that these values must be backed up by actions on the battlefield, intellectual and otherwise, given the egregious levels of antisemitism in our society, especially at our most elite educational institutions,” the company continued. “Some of these organizations seem structurally incapable of taking any steps to reform themselves. Students on campuses are terrified and have been instructed by administrators to hide their Judaism.”


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