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This makes me sick to my stomach!' Outrage as transgender women take gold AND silver medal at Illinois cycling championships


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Daily Mail

A pair of transgender women won first and second place in a female race at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships over the weekend, sparking fury among advocates for women's athletics.

The championships were held on December 3 and were comprised of some one dozen different competitions divided into men, women, and junior athlete categories.

But it was two biological men who placed atop the podium for the Women's Singlespeed category.


Kristin Chalmers, the bronze medalist, was the sole biological female on a podium that included Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson.

According to Reduxx, Chicago CrossCup's website notes that it will disqualify anyone who practices 'discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle another racer.'

News of the gold and silver wins of the transgender athletes lit up X as women's sports advocates reacted in disgust and dismay to podium spots that had been stolen from biologically female competitors.:snip:

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2 minutes ago, Geee said:


Fatima Goss Graves Says That Female Athletes Should "Learn To Lose Gracefully"

In case you don't know it - this POS is married to the J6 prosecutor.:angry:

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1 hour ago, Geee said:


Fatima Goss Graves Says That Female Athletes Should "Learn To Lose Gracefully"

The  Federalist Society

Ms. Goss Graves advocates and litigates core legal and policy issues relating to at-risk girls in school, including those that impact pregnant and parenting students, students in a hostile school climate and students participating in athletics. She further works to advance equal pay for equal work, expand opportunities for women in nontraditional fields, and ensure the development of fundamental legal principles of equal opportunity.


That was then...This  is Now.




Can You Spot The One Who can actually Get Pregnant?

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