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WATCH: Steve Deace explains why most Republican presidential polls are just a psyop


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The Right Scoop

Steve Deace explained on his Blaze show today why most Republican presidential primary polls are psyops and inaccurate.

Essentially he points to what many pollsters are admitting in their internals, which is that they have a next to nothing response rate.

Watch his explanation below:


1. I am a Yellow Dog Republican, ie vote for a yellow dog if it Republican.
a. Anyone Republican Presidential candidate IS going to be SO MUCH better than Anyone the Democrats put up. ('ll be surprised if it Grand Pa Joe)

2. I've seen polls that say Large numbers of people don't want either Donald Trump OR Joe Biden.

3. WAAAAY to much emphasis on Polls. IMO lazy journalism. I need a Story Now! I'll write one on a poll. Waaay to much work writing about where the candidates Agree and Disagree and Why. That's something that might actually Help voters decide.

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