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Who Is Ron DeSantis? | EP 402


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Jordan B Peterson

Dr. Jordan B Peterson sits down with the 46th governor of Florida and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. They discuss his working-class upbringing, the fundamentals of team building, the drastic need for government reduction, and how Florida might work as a national blueprint post 2024.


Chapters -

(0:00) Coming up

(0:25) Intro

(1:29) When Dr. Peterson met Governor DeSantis

(2:39) Growing up in west central Florida

(4:38) A connection to Canada

(5:57) Driven by athletics, little league world champs

(8:31) Positive lessons from sports applied to governance

(11:45) Team building, tendencies of genuine leaders

(16:16) Gaging criticism as a politician (

20:01) Striking a nerve

(25:09) A Conservative at Yale & Harvard

(28:36) The core values of Conservatism

(34:43) How we came into a culture of dependency

(39:30) Trimming back the size and scope of government

(44:57) Where to reduce bureaucracy

(48:56) Biden has overstepped states rights for the woke agenda

(54:26) Challenges on and hopes for the campaign trail

(57:24) Shifting strategies from a single state to the entire nation

(59:08) Why vote for DeSantis

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5 minutes ago, Geee said:

I bet this would surprise Donald Trump because this sounds nothing like the Ron DeSantis Donald Trump speaks of on the campaign trail.

Of Course He does. Its not that Donald Trump criticizes Ron DeSantis, they are both  running for the same office (HELLO!). Its the silly  childish way (ie "He Betrayed  Me!) he does it, and (I must admit) his refusal to do it face to face. 

Now maybe The Polls are right...But maybe they are wrong, We'll find out next month. It would be...interesting and Fun if he under preformed in Iowa & New Hampshire.

BTW I Really with Salem would not hid the comments behind the paywall.

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