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The Soros Empire Is Quietly Targeting A Key Voting Bloc


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Daily Caller

The Soros philanthropic network dumped massive sums of cash into left-of-center Latino advocacy and political mobilization efforts in 2022, according to recently released disclosures.

The Open Society Policy Center, the Foundation to Promote Open Society and the Open Society Institute, all arms of the Soros philanthropic network, poured tens of millions of dollars into left-of-center Latino voter mobilization groups and left-wing Latino advocacy organizations in 2022, an election year while buying up latino media and plotting with Democratic strategists. The multi-million dollar grant deluge came as Democratic support has been declining among Hispanic voters in recent years, suggesting the Soros empire is targeting a key voting block.


The nonprofit Equis Institute and Equis Labs, its 501(c)(4) sister organization, pulled in a combined $35.6 million from Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society and Open Society Policy Center. The 2022 grants are a significant increase from the amount of funding Soros’ network allocated the groups in 2021. (RELATED: Non-Profit Backed By Soros, Foreign Billionaire Bought Nearly Two Dozen Local Newspapers In This Swing State)

Equis Institute was founded in 2019 to “massively increase civic participation among Latinos in this country,” according to its website. The group “seeks to be a resource that develops actionable recommendations for practitioners seeking to engage the Latinx voter.”

Equis Labs, which has greater license to operate politically due to its tax status, produced multiple reports advising Democratic campaigns on how to best appeal to Spanish-speaking or Latino voters, tested the effectiveness of liberal messaging on Hispanics and provided a guide on “counter disinformation” in the Latino community, among other things. The groups, operating in conjunction with one another, aim to mobilize Latinos in the political process.:snip:

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