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Live From Washington DC, John Yoo In-Depth!


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Power Line

Steven Hayward

Dec. 2 2023

Last year, as many readers will recall, I was fortunate to have the privilege of appearing on C-SPAN’s “In-Depth” series, a two hour program where the host takes you through your entire corpus of work. Well, our podcast partner, and my frequent classroom partner, John Yoo was jealous, and is appearing  tomorrow at noon eastern (9 am Pacific) on In-Depth. He encourages all Power Line readers to tune in, and maybe even call in, since it is broadcast live. The parlor game is to see if you can tell when “Lucretia” and I call in to heckle John.

Here’s the C-SPAN description:



Alas its only the 1st hour. Hoping C-Span posts the 2nd hour.

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