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DeSantis warns House GOP against using Biden impeachment inquiry as ‘Trojan horse’


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The Washington Examiner

Rachel Schilke, Breaking News Reporter
December 03, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) warned House Republicans against allowing the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden to become a "trojan horse" that causes them to ignore key issues affecting voters.

DeSantis said that, while he thinks an investigation into the "corrupt" Biden family is "justifiable," he believes Congress — particularly House Republicans leading the inquiry — "run the risk of doing an inquiry that doesn't necessarily lead anywhere."

"When I'm going through Iowa, Republican voters obviously are not fond of Joe Biden. Yes, they're concerned about Hunter and all this money. But they're more concerned about what's happening at our border. They're more concerned about what's happening with the economy," DeSantis in an interview with NBC News's Meet the Press aired Sunday.

"Make sure you're not ignoring all these other issues," DeSantis continued. "And don't use that inquiry as kind of a Trojan horse to not then meet your responsibilities on all these other things."


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