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China Calls Western Coverage of Its Pneumonia Debacle a ‘Smear Campaign’


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China’s state-run Global Times was in high dudgeon on Thursday over Western media coverage of China’s respiratory illness outbreak, furiously accusing foreigners of overhyping the situation to fuel a “smear campaign.”

The Global Times fulminated:

Over the past days, Western media outlets have been filled with rhetoric such as “unexplained pneumonia,” “mysterious,” and “concerning” when reporting on respiratory illnesses in China. It’s reminiscent of the beginning of the [Wuhan coronavirus] pandemic, following the same formula of associating China with mysterious pneumonia.

The fact that China was associated with the birth of the mysterious Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is not something any Chinese editorialist wants to discuss. The official stance of the Chinese Communist Party, based on no material evidence, is that the Wuhan coronavirus originated in Maryland. No evidence has surfaced of any cases of novel coronavirus infection documented outside of Wuhan, China, before the initial ones confirmed in the central city in November 2019. 

Many people in China are deeply concerned about the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) outbreak and find it difficult to explain. Foreign publications have simply reported on those fears. The Global Times railed against Western media outlets that did little more than relay Chinese news reports and social media posts.


Another day, another Chinese "flu..."

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