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Thoughts from the ammo line (Political Realty edition)


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Dec. 1 2023


This column will definitely not be in my Top 10 Most Humorous. There is something unfunny that I am compelled to discuss. I’ll be funnier next week.

I see a tragic mistake being made over and over again in the commentariat. And it’s one which will ultimately cost us the 2024 election and possibly even the saving of our republic. Some of it seems to come from trolls who oppose saving our republic. But part of it is from avatars I recognize as people who have appeared to be good conservatives.

It is the nasty attitude displayed toward anybody who isn’t ideologically perfect, but who is headed toward the good!

Bari Weiss recently gave a speech that, in my opinion as an experienced speaker who is VERY critical of speakers, was one for the ages. Just brilliant, inspiring and even funny. Now Bari Weiss is a Jewish Democrat who happens to also be a lesbian. So, some people commenting either dismissed her out of hand – “she’ll only vote Democrat anyway” – or expressed ridiculous bigotry based on her sexual orientation.

People, people, people! Bari Weiss is a courageous free speech absolutist. She is a mother who is against the mutilation of children. Like most Americans, she is against late-term abortion. And most importantly, she is against barbarism and for civilization.


Some 25 years ago Joe and I were increasingly upset by the laissez faire attitude of leading Democrats toward street crime. Civil rights activists since our teenage years, we came to believe that both welfare and affirmative action were actually HARMFUL to the very people the leftists pretended to help. The bogus and plainly idiotic “Anita Hill” accusations against Clarence Thomas and my attitude to that travesty rendered me persona non grata to virtually all of my feminist friends.

In October 2000 we were appalled with Clinton’s disgraceful response to the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in which we lost some 17 American sailors, with 37 wounded. When it came time to “investigate,” the Yemenites sent the FBI packing and Clinton basically said, “Oh, well. Nothing to do then.” At least he remembered to bite his lip in sorrow.

Then from August 31-September 8, 2001 came the Anti-Racism Conference in Durban in which leading American leftists and the international “We Hate the Jooz” Cabal spent most of their time passing Hate Resolutions against Israel. A leading columnist in the St. Paul Pioneer Press was totally on board with it. And there went the Pioneer Press from our home. The Red Star Tribune of the North was already long gone.


Which brings us full circle to Bari Weiss and her awe-inspiring speech to the Barbara Olson Anniversary Memorial Dinner.

Bari Weiss may be many things, but “stupid” is not one of them. I’ll grant you that, along with half of our fellow Americans who identify with a party, she is a registered Democrat. If ever having voted Democrat makes her “stupid,” then, not only are Joe and I stupid, but so is Trump. So is John Hinderaker. So is Thomas Sowell. Okay, I’ll stipulate that it took some of us longer to see the light than Sowell or Hinderaker, but almost always there were two unsavory choices and you had to pick one. Kind of like the two choices in a school lunch line.

We were saved from any lasting regret for our most unfortunate vote choices because usually our guys lost. Bigly.

The three votes of my life that I most regret are for Gore in 2000 (my last ever Democrat vote), and McCain and Romney. “You mean you would have voted for Obama?” No, never! But Obama just did exactly what he SAID he was going to do, as destructive as that was....(Snip)

Is this who we want to emulate? I do not know how Bari Weiss will vote in 2024. But if we peel just an extra 20 percent of Jewish voters and maybe 20 percent of Black voters conservatives will win. I do not know what will happen in the next year with the grotesque anti-Semitism discovered in our grand land. Or how many tens of millions of invaders – 58,000 in just the last 28 days through Tucson, 10x the population of the town I grew up in — will render all elections moot. Or if a major recession/depression will cause immense social upheaval. But I do know that Bari Weiss is headed our way and that it would be a grave and tragic mistake to push her back to The Dark Side.

To people who say to those of us who ever voted “wrongly” — “Only WE are the pure; you are tainted at best” — I extend a hearty mazel tov at living an entire life wherein you have never made a mistake. And I also have to add: Yeah, well, then try winning an election with only the pure. Because I guarantee you that you had quite a mixed bag of a coalition that put together the win in 2016.

May that “mixed multitude”– even those terrible people who only agree with, say, 40 of our 52 litmus test issues — win in 2024 and take back this great country in a landslide. Time is running out.

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