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Scott Johnson

Nov. 29 2023

The media are gingerly reporting the story broken by the Financial Times. As the New York Post puts it:

A high-ranking CIA official boldly shared multiple pro-Palestinian images on her Facebook page just two weeks after Hamas launched its bloody surprise attack on Israel — while President Biden was touring the Jewish state to pledge the US’s allegiance to the nation.

The CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis changed her cover photo on Oct. 21 to a shot of a man wearing a Palestinian flag around his neck and waving a larger flag, the Financial Times reported.


If you are curious who this senior CIA official is, however, you can check out Joe Simonson’s Washington Free Beacon story “Meet the Senior CIA Official Who Posted Pro-Palestinian Images to Social Media.” She is associate deputy director for analysis Amy McFadden. Simonson adds this poignant CIA statement:

“CIA officers are committed to analytic objectivity, which is at the core of what we do as an Agency,” a CIA spokeswoman told the Free Beacon in an emailed statement. “CIA officers may have personal views, but this does not lessen their—or CIA’s—commitment to unbiased analysis.” The agency declined to say whether McFadden would be subject to disciplinary action or termination.

We are ruled by knaves and fools.

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