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U.N. Women Retracts Statement Condemning Hamas Attacks on Israel (What, A Shock?)


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National Review

Haley Strack

November 28, 2023

After weeks of silence on Hamas’s October 7 crimes against women and children, United Nations Women issued a definitive statement on Friday that condemned “the brutal attacks by Hamas.”

Then, the organization deleted its statement.

In a post on Instagram, U.N. Women initially denounced Hamas’s attacks and said that it would “continue to call for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.” U.N. Women deleted the statement soon after it was posted and replaced it with another that omitted condemnation of Hamas.


On Saturday, U.N. Women also renewed its support for Palestinian women: “We remain deeply concerned about the well-being of women and girls in Gaza and their dire need for safety and protection from all forms of violence,” it said. “We met with Palestinian women’s organizations and reiterated our support to women and girls in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

Of the Israeli women raped and murdered by Hamas, U.N. Women admits that it is “alarmed by gender-based violence reports on 7 Oct.”

U.N. Women has made no other statements in support of Israeli women and children, barring occasional references to Israeli civilian deaths in the organization’s many appeals for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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