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Christie Vows to Continue Doomed Campaign to the Bitter End


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Every viable political candidate needs a plausible path to victory. There’s never much been one for 2024 presidential aspirant Chris Christie. A two-term New Jersey governor who was emphatically unpopular in the Garden State when he left office in 2018, Christie also bombed as a presidential candidate in 2016, finishing ninth in Iowa and sixth in New Hampshire. He managed to stay in the national limelight for a while by first toadying to and then disrespecting Donald Trump. But he entered the 2024 race with a really bad reputation among Republicans, particularly the MAGA majority. One national survey taken right before Christie announced his candidacy showed that 70 percent of GOP voters wouldn’t even consider backing him.

He’s managed to stick around by becoming the best-known candidate who is willing to openly attack Trump, and by focusing his efforts on the one early state — New Hampshire — where there is a relatively sizable (if decidedly minority) group of anti-Trump Republicans.:snip:

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OK, as the article says, he can't win but his mission is to trash Trump. We all know campaigns cost big money.My question is - who is financing him to trash Trump?

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9 minutes ago, SDwaters said:




I don't think that ego maniac would part with any of his 'own' money, but there are any number of dark money groups that would throw cash at anyone disparaging Trump. Some of the same ones who made it possible for the ego maniac to gather his 'own' money.

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