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Small Changes Might Signal That Blue City Residents Have Had Enough Of Rising Crime Ahead Of 2024 Elections


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The Daily Caller

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
November 24, 2023

Residents of blue cities, like San Francisco and Seattle, have apparently begun to push back against progressive policies as crime rates soar, signaling a possible new direction ahead of the 2024 elections. 

Seattle residents, a notably progressive city, seem to have had a change of heart after advocating for issues like “defund the police” and easing drug laws following the death of George Floyd in 2020. After a recent city council election, a wave of moderates are set to be moving in, according to Fox28 Savannah.

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Only three of the nine council members who advocated for the “defund the police” movement will be rejoining the council. However, it comes as no surprise after a survey conducted by EMC Research found that out of the 500 potential voters, 79% stated that they were not confident in the city’s approach to public safety, KOMO News reporter Chris Daniels stated.


Additionally, San Francisco, another known progressive city, has residents seeking more moderate lawmakers to solve their high crime rates. Progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin was ousted last year in a recall after voters became fed up with out-of-control homelessness and rising crime. Boudin was later replaced by a more moderate democrat, Brooke Jenkins, a former assistant district attorney who had worked for the progressive DA but reportedly later flipped on him.


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Well  I don't  know about that.

Dec.  10 2023

San Francisco, for decades known around the world for its jazz, free love and beat poetry, has in recent years become notorious for a different reason. Tent encampments on its streets and open-air drug markets have become a reference point for the consequences of ultra-progressive policies.

Florence Read and Freddie Sayers took a film crew (and an armed security guard) into the Tenderloin district to find out the truth for themselves. This special report includes remarkable interviews with city supervisor Dean Preston and Michael Shellenberger, author of San Fransicko, as well as drug users, locals and activists across the West.

Their report dives into the ideological and practical battles at the heart of the story, and asks whether San Francisco today could be a harbinger of things to come across the Western world.

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