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How the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Launder Terrorism


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Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Faith Quintero

November 21, 2023

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: On October 7, Hamas Islamic jihadists infiltrated Israel and inflicted the largest massacre on the Jewish people in a single day since the Holocaust. Hamas terrorists tortured, abducted and murdered people with the utmost sadistic cruelty and recorded both the pain of their victims and their glee at their own actions. Yet from the day after the massacre, these killers have  enjoyed ever-increasing support from large crowds in otherwise enlightened countries. Much of this hostility against Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, stems from ignorance and hatred bolstered by propaganda either originated or amplified by “human rights” organizations. Professors, media personalities, politicians  and “activists” bolster lies and other forms of misinformation, whether they mean to or not, by citing well-known agencies obsessed with demonizing Israel. The anti-Israel agenda is part and parcel of an anti-West industrial complex in which three key players – the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch – validate Islamist propaganda and launder terrorism to the detriment of all civil societies. 

The United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) deploy deceptive tactics to aggressively shape public opinion against Israel. These organizations, founded by men with moral integrity, are now commandeered by leadership that exploits and undermines the credibility their originators painstakingly established. The staff of these outlets often spread false narratives, giving a boost to anti-West professors, politicians, activists, news outlets and celebrity personalities who deliberately spread misleading messages that fortify hatred against Israel. Other influencers become swayed by the misinformation and then act as unwitting propagators of propaganda. The misinformation war against Israel, the US’s most reliable and only ideologically similar ally in the Middle East, is in fact a war against the West.

The Islamic regime of Iran, according to the US State Department, is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. Iranian leaders call for “death to Israel,” “death to England,” and “death to America.” They are extremely violent against their own people and hostile to enlightenment values. Two weeks after approximately 2,500 Iran-funded Hamas terrorists invaded Israel from Gaza to torture, slaughter and abduct as many people as they could (they murdered about 1,200 people on that day, abducted about 240, and injured thousands), Amnesty International posted a one-minute video on X (formerly Twitter) to elicit understanding for this barbarism. They have continued to post it under different headings. In, “What do you need to know about the blockade of Gaza?” Amnesty International reframed history in a way conducive to radicalizing intolerance against Israel. They omitted particulars that would contextualize and amplify the truth, instead conveying the antithesis of the truth. For example, they mentioned the 2007 blockade, but failed to mention that when Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 (a small strip of land Israel won in a defensive war against Egypt in 1967), Jewish donors gifted millions of dollars’ worth of businesses to Palestinians. Islamic terrorists subsequently overran the enclave, dismantled those businesses, and fired rockets into Israel.

The violence that ensued after Hamas won a majority of seats in the Palestinian election of 2006 was gruesome and deadly. One Gaza doctor described “the level of cruelty in the factional fighting [as] ‘beyond imagination.’” Amnesty International omitted Israel’s responsibility to protect her own citizens from Hamas, an EU- and US-designated terror group that has inscribed in its charter its commitment to destroy the Jewish state, and which has conducted rockets attacks on Israel from the moment it came to power. They omitted how Hamas terrorists have appropriated money from international aid intended for the benefit of Gazan civilians and dug up waterpipes meant for use by the Palestinian population. They omitted all mention of the Islamists’ violent religious fervor, which put Israel in the position of either establishing a blockade and security measures or succumbing to the fate of the surrounding lands ruled by Islamic governments. And, contrary to their claim, Israel’s protective blockade is legal.


There are organizations battling the sea of misinformation: UN Watch, Honest Reporting, NGO Monitor, Human Rights Voices, Canary Mission, the Middle East Forum, CAMERA,  and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), to name a few. They empower the morally sound to explain reality, based on facts, and to help stave off the damage being done by the anti-Israel lies that have combined to perpetrate the greatest hoax of the 21st century.


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