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Al Qaeda’s general command renews calls for attacks against American, European, and Israeli interests around the world


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FDD's Long War Journal

Caleb Weiss

November 20, 2023

In a new statement released online, Al-Qaeda’s general command, or its central leadership, which is often erroneously called “core al-Qaeda,” renewed its longstanding calls for attacks against Americans, Israelis, and institutions and interests related to both countries around the world. The threats were made in the context of the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDFs) battle on Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital. 

“May God bless all the mujahideen and marabout who refused to flee from the land of faith and its sacred soil,” al-Qaeda’s statement begins. “Peace be upon all those who are steadfast, patient, and persevering…may God reward you for your affliction for the thousands of believing souls among our brothers and sisters who have been martyred in the American-Zionist bombing campaigns on hospitals, schools, and mosques in Gaza.” 

Al-Qaeda continues by saying that “Our dear Ummah [worldwide Islamic community], the repeated American-Zionist bombings on hospitals, schools, and mosques in Gaza can only come from souls filled with evil and absolute hatred.” The statement goes on to read that “such things do not come from souls that have been touched by even modicum of humanity.” 

And that “what the Zionists and Crusaders are chanting these days, we challenge the entire world to publish honest pictures [about the fighting]” as “children were killed in this barbaric and hideous manner.” According to al-Qaeda – who is notorious for killing men, women, and children alike – “this is not a characteristic of the people of Islam and their actions…there is no room for anyone in the world to lecture our Ummah about “civilization” and “humanity.””

In regards to the fighting at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, the site of massive media scrutiny in the last week over the IDFs claims that Hamas uses it for its operations, al-Qaeda states that “they [Israelis] and the Americans complained that this hospital was the center of jihadi leadership in Gaza.”



Who Says The War is Over? To many people seem to think it is.

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